What the Oakland City ID Card Coalition is up to…

Update: 4/27/09

Oakland Vice Mayor Ignacio De La Fuente and City Council Member Jean Quan are working with OCICC to review a draft ordinance and staff report on the Oakland City ID Card at a 5/12/09 City Council Committee meeting.

OCICC calls on all supporters of the Oakland City ID Card to attend the 5/12 committee meeting and voice support for this important way to help unify Oakland.

The lack of acceptable identification can limit access to services and resources needed by marginalized members of our community such as immigrant, youth, elderly, homeless, domestic violence survivor and transgender individuals.

Recognizing them as members of our community is not only humane. Providing an official government-issued identification card to all Oakland residents has many potential benefits, including the following points taken from the OCICC ID Card Proposal:

  • Full participation of all residents in civic affairs.
  • Access of all residents to local resources such as libraries and museums.
  • Ability of all residents to participate in local commerce such as opening a bank account, establishing credit, accessing loans, etc.
  • Improvement in public safety by easing barriers to crime reporting and witness cooperation.
  • Security for children, youth, and the elderly, who may not have other identification such as a valid driver’s license.
  • Discounts from City institutions such as the zoo, museums, etc., from local small businesses, and eventually from public transit.
  • The ability to be used as a debit card to carry a potential new local Oakland currency, the “ACORN“.

Further information on the benefits of the municipal identification card is available in English and Spanish.

Over 30 organizations and individuals have endorsed the Oakland City ID Card. Join us, there is strength in numbers!  The Peralta Community College District also passed a resolution in support of the proposed ID card.

Support unity, decency, compassion and respect in city government, and help Oakland become a model of 21st century American city life! Click on this link to get a form letter which you can fill out and email to us at OaklandCityIDCard@gmail.com.

Click here for the history of the Oakland City ID Card Coalition.


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  1. edelmira alfaro

    where and how does one apply to get a Oakland municipal ID card?. Thanks for the info.

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