Turnout for the Oakland City Council Meeting!

Tomorrow, Tuesday 6/02/09, after 7pm, Oakland City Council agenda item 19 will feature public commentary and a vote on the Oakland Municipal ID Card program.  The Oakland City ID Card Coalition (“OCICC”) has been working on this project since March 2008, http://oaklandcityidcard.org/
Tuesday is a serious turnout night!  We need your support.

Endorsed by numerous community organizations, elected officials and Oakland residents, http://oaklandcityidcard.org/endorsements/, the Oakland Municipal ID Card program is a way for the City of Oakland to increase public safety and help build unity amongst its diverse residents, especially those whom are structurally marginalized and therefore often lacking government-issued proof of identity, e.g., people who are poor, homeless, immigrants, transgender or transsexual, adult survivors of domestic violence or run-away youth.

The municipal ID card program may also include features to increase banking amongst Oakland residents and could facilitate the development of buy-local campaigns or a local currency.

For background information, see the City Staff report from last week’s Finance & Management Committee meeting, http://clerkwebsvr1.oaklandnet.com/attachments/22071.pdf, or the OCICC proposal, https://oaklandcityidcard.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/oakland-city-id-card-proposal-april-final.pdf.

For recent media reports, see:

If you plan to attend, please let us know, at oaklandcityidcard@gmail.com, so we can coordinate comments.

With love, in solidarity,

Oakland City ID Card Coalition


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