Flyer for Local Currency Benefits on ID Card

Help Your Self! Help Oakland – Support Local Currency

Oakland Community Action Network (Oakland C.A.N.) needs you to call your Council Member and to endorse the ACORN!

ACORN: Alternative Currency for Oakland Residents and Neighbors. The seed for the Oak tree is called an acorn.

Here are the responsibilities and benefits for participants:

Workers, Residents, & Students:

*purchase ID/currency card for $10 – $15

*receive ACORN currency on the card worth $50 – $60 to start

*receive banking account associated with the card

*get discounts for the use of the card with merchants and the City

*manage the account by cell phone or over the internet

*load card at Point of Sale devices

*get 50% reduction in the cost of sending remittances to other countries

*freely convert US$ to ACORN

*receive part of pay in ACORN

*get official public ID recognized by the Police Department, banks, and other agencies


*accept the ACORN

*negotiate to partially pay employees in ACORN

*give discounts for customers that use the ACORN

*get discounts for all fees and costs to the City when business pays with ACORN

*become eligible for 0% merchants loans in both ACORNs and US$

*receive advertising and promotion from the marketing of the City to attract ACORN customers

City of Oakland:

*sanction official ID/currency card

*contract with Credit Union or other financial institution to mange the card and associated accounts

*make agreements with vendors and other agencies like the Peralta College District and the Oakland Public School District

*give discounts for all City fees and charges if paid in ACORN

*negotiate with unions and partially pay City employees in ACORN

*spend income (part of the 1.75% industry standard for use of electronic cards) from the use of the card on major publicity/marketing of the participating businesses and promote getting the card to residents, students, and neighbors

Financial Institution:

*become financial institution of record, take jurisdiction over ACORN accounts

*contract with electronic (debit) card service

*charge a flat fee, NOT interest, for loans of US$ that were converted to ACORN to participating merchants

*charge a “parking fee” on ACORN spending accounts to encourage ACORN currency circulation rather than hoarding

*receive additional accounts from participant individuals and merchants because of the convenience

*make 0% loans to participants in US $ or ACORN

Call your Council Member; tell them you want the ACORN local currency! Council Members:

Jane Brunner, 510-238-7001,

Patricia Kernighan, 510-238-7002,

*Jean Quan,  510-238-7004,

Nancy Nadel, 510-238-7003,

Desley Brooks, 510-238-7006,

*Rebecca Kaplan, 510-238-7008,

Larry Reid, 510-238-700,

*Ignacio de la Fuente, 510-238-7005,

* thank these supporters

Also email or and join Oakland CAN


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