Petition for CA State Bank



Californians are about to get their own bank — as long as the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee does not give in to Wall Street banking interests and passes AB 2500. This bill will establish the California Investment Trust, which will increase access to capital for businesses and provide stability to our state economy and local financial sectors. The California Investment Trust is modeled after the Bank of North Dakota, the country’s only public bank. Let’s catch up to the rest of the world, where public banking is common in Germany and other countries. Let’s pass AB 2500 in California.


That’s why I signed a petition to The California State House, which says:


“The California Investment Trust will strengthen economic and community development. By providing loans to individuals and businesses, the California Investment Trust will eliminate fees currently paid by state government for banking services, and will combine these savings with additional revenue generated through various operating activities. For these and other reasons, I support AB 2500 (Hueso) and respectfully request your “AYE†vote when it comes before your consideration.”


Will you sign this petition? Click here:




Wilson Riles


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