The Oakland City ID Card (“OCICC”) is a coalition of organizations and individuals who want to see our city issue a municipal ID card to all its residents.

This card would provide an official government-issued identification for all Oakland residents, including our more marginalized neighbors such as the youth, elderly, immigrants, homeless, and transgender individuals, who may not have access to services and resources due to lack of acceptable identification. Additional benefits to the city would include improved public safety through greater community involvement and reduced policing costs, economic stimulation in the form of discounts for local shopping and entertainment, and a general increase in civic pride and participation by all. The card could also serve as a debit card for a local Oakland currency, the “Acorn”.

The OCICC also prepared a more detailed proposal explaining and analyzing the potential benefits and concerns associated with the proposed city ID card.  Please click here to view the proposal: OCICC ID Card Proposal.

The purpose of this coalition is to discuss the design and function of an Oakland City ID Card, and prepare and promote an ordinance for the Oakland City Council to implement. We currently hold irregular meetings in Oakland. If you are interested in attending, email oaklandcityidcard@gmail.com.


2 responses to “About

  1. Elvia

    what are the requirments?

  2. mady

    Its fantastic atleast everyone in the place will have a ID.Its good.I also want to get one.What is the procedure and what documents you require to get it.Is it possible to get by mail.

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